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20 Graphic Design questionnaire questions to ask clients

Hi! This Article i’m talking about 20 Graphic Design questionnaire questions to ask clients . Every so often, clients turn up their noses and tell you that your graphic design work isn’t what they wanted.

What if the client had been more specific from the start?

Don’t give up!

This is most likely because you didn’t properly interview the client prior to starting the project, or you didn’t ask the right questions. Getting specific client feedback on project expectations increases your chances of success.

To help you create your graphic design questionnaire, we’ve included 30 questions and some suggestions.

For logo design projects, you can use this questionnaire.

Why make a graphic design quiz?

You should use a questionnaire in your design process for three reasons.


The back and forth between you and the client over revisions saves time when you clarify project expectations.

Preventing project failure

It is important to ask the right questions to ensure project success. So easy! Be successful by doing this.

Pose as a

Doing your homework on your client’s industry makes you appear more professional. Then you’ll get more referrals for your awesomeness.

  1. What questions can you ask now?
  2. Graphic design questionnaire questions
  3. client’s business and target market questions
  4. For quality graphic design work, you must first understand your client’s business and industry. Here are some questions to ask about the business.
  5. One or two sentences describing your company’s work What do you sell or do? What are its core values?
  6. What is your organization’s mission? How do you see it? What does your brand say?
  7. What distinguishes your firm? What’s your main draw?
  8. Who are your main rivals?
  9. Who do you want to reach? (Age, gender, location, lifestyle, income, etc. are listed.)
  10. Brand-related inquiries
  11. It is the personality of your client that should be reflected in all marketing efforts. To best represent a brand, ask these questions.
  12. Define your brand in a few words.
  13. So, how do your clients see you now?
  14. Your target market’s perception of your company What do you want them to think or feel when they interact with your brand?
  15. Like your current branding?
  16. What don’t you like about your current logo?
  17. Do you have a favorite brand you’d like to compare yourself to?
  18. Preferences in design
  19. Questions like these are critical. This should be the longest section. Inquire about your client’s preferences in visual terms.
  20. Is there anything you can share to help ensure brand consistency? (fonts, logos, color schemes, etc.)
  21. Does your color palette include existing brand colors? Do you have a favorite colour?
  22. What elements of graphic design are essential?
  23. Do you want to incorporate any new ideas into this project?
  24. Share your favorite fonts with us!
  25. What do you think of your competitor’s logo? If possible, please provide an example URL and explain your preferences.
  26. For inspiration/creative direction, please provide links or samples.


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