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5 Graphic Designer Mistakes to Avoid

Friends, Hello everyone, this is Praneeth from graphic design how-to and today I’m going to talk about 5 mistakes or bad habits that graphic designers should avoid. I’ve seen other graphic designers make these mistakes but I’ve also made them myself at some point in my career. As a full-time employee, the people who work there, especially the upper management, want to know that you’re 100 percent committed to their company’s goals and that you’re 100% committed to your freelance clients.

If they ask if you have freelance clients, it’s totally fine to say yes, I have a few clients, but don’t lie about it or anything. And of course, don’t work on freelance projects while at work, this includes your l.

Account managers are the middleman between you and the client so they understand difficult clients so sometimes you might want to vent to them but if you complain to your account manager in an email they might e

Third, file naming and organization one of our biggest challenges as graphic designers is coming up with a good way to name files and organize them on a server and actually a couple weeks ago I made a video about this very subject a go

If your files are always a mess and no one can find them on the server, that reflects poorly on you and that’s not good. 4) Not reading the entire creative brief This is probably going to be somebody like an Account Manager who talked to the client every day so they know who the clients target audiences and a lot of other things a creative brief is sort of like a map that defi

You might be tempted to just skip past all that information if you’ve worked with that client before, but here’s the problem if you do your whole project without really paying attention to the creative brief.

When I started college, web skills weren’t required, we had classes for them but it wasn’t a requirement that was for web designers, and video skills weren’t even a thing yet, we had film classes and stuff like that but YouTube wasn’t part of it.

If you’re looking for a new job, this one is an extra because it’s something everyone knows but not everyone does, and it’s double-checking your work. Everyone makes mistakes and of course it’s going to happen a few times here and there, but you’ll be glad you did it.

queue-goer This is something I try to do with every project I get, and if I do make a mistake, I apologize to the next person, because it takes time out of their day, and having to send it back to a graphic designer is annoying, and it costs the company money.




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