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Becoming a Designer in 2022 a Good Idea?

Welcome to Graphic Temple How To, where I’ll discuss whether or not becoming a designer in 2019 is a good idea.

And I think the answer is yes!

The internet has created more jobs for graphic designers than ever before, and graphic design has never been more diverse.

So we have marketing designers, web designers, graphic designers, production artists, 3D designers, videographers, photographers, and so on. And having those skills makes you more marketable. They were worried that I would never be able to make a living as a designer, and I will admit that I struggled for a long time. But the internet has opened up so many new opportunities for designers.

There are numerous ways to generate passive income online.
The same goes for Shutterstock, where we can sell photos and vectors. A designer can earn money online in a variety of ways. Also, freelance sites.

You can even upload videos.

A graphic design education is required to become a designer. And the best way to do that is to attend a four-year university.

a fantastic graphic design program If you can’t, there are tons of courses and information available.

online, so you can truly learn alone. And for graphic design, you don’t need a four-year degree as long as your portfolio is amazing. Here’s the rub.

When I look at portfolios for jobs where we’re hiring and getting lots of resumes and portfolios in, there aren’t many great portfolios from people without degrees. It’s difficult to get a good portfolio without a degree because

In a four-year college, you get a lot of help from professors and hands-on training from people who can help you. One of the major issues with online education is this.

It’s going to be difficult to get that portfolio in prime hiring condition unless someone is skyping or Facetiming you.

If you’re doing it alone, you’ll need to put in extra effort on the portfolio side. Working from home is another reason to become a graphic designer now. So they give you a computer, you work from home, and you communicate via email, phone, or whatever.

And that’s a big plus for many. You can also do side projects like freelancing or passive income pursuits, which all add up. The demand for Graphic Design is high despite the competition. Almost every business requires graphic design in some form.

Then they’ll look for a graphic designer to create their website or logo.

Is it difficult to get hired as a designer? Yes, it is highly competitive. And for every job, there are probably 30 to 200 applications.

Graphic Design jobs.

It’s because it’s a fun job. 🙂

Is becoming a great graphic designer easy? No, you have to put in a lot of time and effort to keep improving and keeping up with the competition.

Why bother? Yes, I think so. So go forth and design. That’s it for this week.

Please like this Article if you enjoy it. See you next week for more graphic design.




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