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How to choose a logo color

Hello Creative peeps 😀 this article i’m talking about ” How to Choose a logo Color? ” Choosing the right logo color can make or break your business. Lucky for you, our design geeks analyzed over 15,000 logos to help you position your brand for success.

Let’s find your logo’s color!

What is color?

Color is everywhere, and each color you encounter has an emotional impact on you. Green and blue are calming, while yellow is uplifting (and hungry).

Color psychology can help designers and entrepreneurs choose brand colors. Choosing the right colors lets your audience know who you are and what you stand for. The Bad colors can even drive them away.

Each color represents a distinct consumer trait. Green promotes tranquility. Pink is elegant and feminine. (It helps that it’s also the color of coffee.)

Color meaning and psychology are used to influence a consumer’s brand experience.

What colors suit you?

your brand has a personality, Defining your brand personality helps customers buy and helps you target the right demographic.

So, what’s your brand’s na Begin by pondering these six questions:

  • Is my brand masculine or feminine?
  • Is my brand serious or playful?
  • Is my brand luxurious or accessible?
  • What’s my brand’s age?
  • Is my brand young or old?
  • Is my brand loud or quiet?

Your answers will help us determine your brand’s personality and the best color for you.

Keep up! 🙂

Every year, fashion changes. Unable to update your brand’s color palette with every Times Square ball drop, being aware of current color trends can help.

If you use Pantone’s 2021 color palette, make sure to include their 2021 Color of the Year, Ultimate Gray. PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating

To stay on trend, use Living Coral as an accent on your website and marketing materials.
So, what’s your industry’s
Now that you know your brand colors, find out where you fit in your industry.

Some industries favor certain hues. Tech likes blue, retail likes red, agriculture likes green. You can either follow the crowd or take a risk and go your own way.

So if you have any additional details about this article! you can be mail or comments our graphic temple website. thanks!



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