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How to Earn Money as a Graphic Designer

Graphic Temple here from Graphic Design How To, and today I’ll show you how to Make money with your graphic design skills. And I’ll show you how.

a variety of sites I use to generate passive income. Let’s get started.I began trying to earn passive income in January 2018.

Shutterstock And I made $1.81 in my first month there. 🙂 That may not seem like a.

but it was thrilling to me. Now I have 25 sites where I display my artwork. and make some passive income. Some are still infants. I haven’t been

sites for a long time and not making much. Some do quite well. And I got I quit my job in March 2020 to focus on passive income and freelancing.

I have three main goals for passive income.

01.Stock photos

Still, I submit

images to 11 stock image agencies. And here is my list of companies: Adobe Stock, iStock Photo, Alamy, Bigstock, Canstock, Dreamstime, Picsa, Depositphotos, Pond5. And I submit new designs weekly.I haven’t missed a week since I got serious about it.in February or March of 2016.

That was a year after I began. If you want to make stock images, start with one of these sites. Then, when you’re ready, add another. It’s just too much otherwise.

I’m going to go to the Shutterstock website so you can get an idea. what images are popular. Shutterstock accepts a variety of files. accepts. So they accept vectors and photos. So, you want to make some vectors. I’ll use vectors here. And then a keyword like’restaurant’ will do. Here are the top restaurant vectors.

So these are the graphics you’ll need to create.

02. Shutterstock

if you choose Shutterstock.
You have scenes, icons, You can do a lot with little logos. 2nd Focus: Crafting and demand print. And I upload my designs to Etsy, Design Bundles,

And now Zazzle. And I list

the same stuff on all of them. And I add new listings to each site daily. And the images I use on craft and print-on-demand sites aren’t the same ones I use put on stock sites like Shutterstock, which have a different audience. So images must be distinct. But there is a point where I can put them on both.

Visit designbundles.net to see what’s hot for crafters. Then

You can just scroll down to see what’s hot right now. Since we’re

Christmas is very popular right now. And templates abound.

that can help other crafters with their projects. Now let’s visit Redbubble.

to see what’s hot. We’ll just shop T-shirts, and they’re currently featuring

So I’ll click on music T-shirts.
And they’re more artistic than the

make graphics Honestly, my craft graphics don’t do well on Redbubble.But I don’t have time to create graphics for this site. To begin,Start with Etsy if you’re making crafts or T-shirt graphics, but pay a fee for each listing. It’s currently 20 cents. After that, Start here, then move on to other sites. Starting on Etsy? I’ve got a few more videos to help. Those are in the description. Then should be

atop your screen right now.
Lastly, I focus on

videos Hence my YouTube, Skillshare and Udemy. I was adding a My goal for 2021 is to grow my channel by a lot. Let’s go to Skillshare and see what courses they have. Now, I don’t always add full courses here, but I hope to focus on this. Next year, Udemy. It’s nice to teach because everyone knows something.

So it may not be a graphic design issue.
Just consider: “What do I know now? than my pals? “then move on. You could make a course out of it. Skillshare

is based on creativity, but on Udemy, you can teach anything.

I also do a lot of smaller passive income activities. I work with Design Bundles. Flying Upload. I only became an affiliate after I was really Trusted them as a company, because you don’t feel comfortable with them.

not recommend a company unless you are 100% certain it is a great one. Otherwise, You’ll lose your audience’s trust. You may be thinking, “That’s a lot.to earn passive income.” It’s a lot of work, but I’m hoping one day semi-retire and the money will keep coming in. It’s my aim. And I swear,It’s great to work for yourself rather than a boss or client.

If you want to start one of these passive income streams, just leave a comment. I always try to respond and welcome your questions. Okay




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