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How to Edit a logo like a pro

This Article explain Creating a logo takes a lot of work, effort, research, and iteration. Most brand owners will have to edit a logo at some point. Even after your designer has created a stunning design, you will need to know how to change a logo.

For example, you may need to add a new slogan or create more other color variants for various reasons. Because your brand is alive, the situations in which it must adapt will always change.

The good news is that there are many of modifications that anyone can make independent of design software knowledge. To modify a logo, we’ll go over some questions to ask yourself before starting, the most typical edits, and the methods involved.

Before editing a logo, decide why you need to modify it.
If you are not a designer, you should carefully consider editing a logo. If, for example, you are dissatisfied with the outcome, a symbolic re-paint is unlikely to help. Having specific difficulties and aims for your edit will determine whether you can make the adjustments yourself or need to hire a designer.

First, read our guide on evaluating logo quality. Having examined the extent of alterations, if you’re editing a logo, make sure the issues are aesthetic. For example, if your typeface is outdated, you may merely need to change it. If your logo lacks personality, a warmer color choice may help.

After modifying your logo, you can go back to this stage to make sure your edit fixed the issue. A/B testing is a wonderful method for determining which version of your logo your target audience prefers.

Determine your logo edit’s complexity.

You should now have some thoughts on what needs to change. So, how extensive and complex is that list?

For the purposes of this post, we’ll focus on simple edits like changing the size or color. A large modification would be a complete redesign of your logo, including all new graphical features. In this instance, a logo designer should be hired.

Assemble an editable logo file.

Logos should be saved as AI or EPS files. These files are accessible through logo design software like Adobe Illustrator (though most other vector programs work similarly).

As opposed to raster files, vector files can be scaled infinitely, and each shape is automatically divided into a layer using the Layers panel. Raster images, on the other hand, are made up of pixels—tiny colored squares. Like an illustration, the only method to edit them is to erase or paint over them.

What if you don’t have the logo’s vector file?
If you only have a raster image of your logo, you must vectorize it to alter it. If you don’t know how to use graphic design software, consider hiring a designer to vectorize your logo before making any additional adjustments.

Illustrator has a “Image Trace” function that converts images to vectors (this process of converting a raster image to vector is described here). Whether or not “Image Trace” works for you relies on the image and the desired effect. The best technique to get a good vector file is to trace it manually inside a vector software.

Save your original logo.

Finally, if you’re ready to alter your logo design, make sure to duplicate and save your original logo file. While this may seem obvious, it is easily overlooked.

Not only will you need a backup in case your first (or second or third) effort at a logo change does not go as planned.

How to resize and place a logo —

Changing your logo’s size, location, or scale is one of the easiest modifications you can do yourself. The Selection Tool in Illustrator’s toolbar allows you to choose and move your logo as needed. You can select the full logo if it is not grouped (you can only select one shape at a time). When a shape is selected, press the delete key to remove it.

The Rotate Tool rotates the logo by degrees. With the Rotate Tool (and most tools in the toolbar), you may enter more exact increments by double clicking (if, for example, you want to rotate your logo by a specific number of degrees).



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